How the Summer Reading Challenge Works

Summer Reading Challenge Timeline

The Summer Reading Challenge runs for eight weeks, from July 2 to August 26, though there will be four weeks of “teaser” challenges from June 4 to July 1 to help you get in the SRC habit. Every Monday a new theme and a new set of challenges will go live in the Teen and Adult SRC websites. These challenges will also be available to download on this website and in hard copy at our branches.

Each Friday of the following week, we will draw winners for the previous week. At the end of the summer, we will tally all points earned and draw our final Grand Prize winners.

Completing Challenges

As soon as a week's set of challenges is posted on this website and made available in our branches, you can begin completing them.

There are three levels of challenges, each requiring a different kind of response. For most of the challenges, a simple written paragraph or two will be enough. For some, you might also need to take and share a picture or produce a video, upload it to YouTube, and provide a link to it.

You can complete SRC challenges in the following ways:

  • By posting a response to the challenge on our SRC website.
  • By submitting a paper copy at the circulation desk of any KFPL branch. Please indicate to the staff member that you are submitting an SRC entry and clearly indicate on your submission whether you are participating in the Teen or Adult SRC.
  • By email to Email submissions must include the following elements in the subject line: [the words “SRC Challenge”] + [Week #] + [Level of challenge] + [Your Name].

Winning Prizes

Each challenge you complete will earn you a certain number of entries to win that week's prize and the grand prize at the end of the summer. Completion of a novice challenge will earn you one entry in the weekly draw and one in the grand prize draw. Completion of an intermediate challenge will earn you two entries in the weekly and final draw. Completion of an advanced challenge will earn you four entries in the weekly and final draw.

For the weekly draw, only challenges completed for that week's theme will count towards the draw, and only if they are completed during that week. However, for the end-of-summer draw, all challenges you have completed will count, regardless of when you complete them.

For example, only Week 3 challenges completed during Week 3 will count towards the draw for Week 3 prizes. But, if you want to go back and complete Week 1 challenges during Week 3, those completions will count towards the grand prize draw.

Comments and Social Media

People from all over Kingston and Frontenac County are joining the Summer Reading Challenge to read and complete challenges this summer. To help foster this community, when you're completing a challenge, our website’s commenting system allows you to browse through and comment on any of the responses submitted when completing a challenge.

You can see how other members of the SRC completed their challenges and leave messages of encouragement or feedback for your fellow challengers. This way, completing challenges is just the beginning of a conversation.